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Remote Data Backup Protects Against Loss of Data
Today’s small businesses live in fear of computer failures. Most have no data backup and, in the event of a hard drive crash, stand to lose important data, emails, files and documents. With significant dependence on information systems it is more important than ever to have some reliable method to save or recover lost data.

Secure remote backup, offsite backup, online backup, SQL server backup and Exchange server backup are just a few technology solutions that provide peace of mind for businesses and individuals. Once the domain of big companies, data centers and backup systems are now within financial reach of small businesses and individuals who depend upon their computers for daily business and commerce. Now that financial, business, and even personal records primarily stored digitally, it’s not just large corporations and bureaucracies that need to protect their information and emails with an offsite backup. Konicom is pleased to offer affordable secure data backup and peace of mind as low as $10 a month.

We have been experts in data and disaster recovery for over 16 years. We know the pain, expense and concern that people have when they face losing documents, image files, emails, and other business and personal information. We’ve assisted countless clients with data recovery on critical files and documents. Now, we offer a proactive solution to prevent data loss and ensure that your data is safe, secure and accessible to you.

Sacramento Remote Data Backup serviceKonicom always stays ahead of the technology curve. Our secure data backup system is no exception. Konicom’s remote data backup network is built using a multi-level, multi-location process on RAID devices. Our solutions exceed all industry standards for systems security and protect your secure data from multiple levels of failure. Our online backup software has proven its reliability in over 400,000 implementations worldwide. Your data will never be truly lost because it is constantly saved on a secure data backup system that is entirely inaccessible to anyone but you. Not even Konicom has access to your online backup data. To further ensure your confidence in our offsite backup system, Konicom can send you email confirmations of every backup job performed from our data center. You’ll never again have to fear lost or deleted data due to a hard drive crash or system failure.

Let us talk with you in greater depth about secure data backup that’s both effective and affordable. Call Konicom at (916) 441-7373 and ask for Bryan Wu at extension 13 or email us.
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Sacramento Remote Backup service Sacramento Remote Backup service

Our remote data backup service
  • offers FREE setup
  • is low cost
  • is easy to use
  • requires minimum maintenance on client site
  • is monitored by Konicom staff on a daily basis
remote backup gives you peace of mind

Peace of Mind:

  • Automatic data backup
  • Secure data backup with encryption
  • Remote data backup
  • Online data backup
  • Continuous data protection
  • Easy data retrieval
  • Retrieve data online anywhere, any time
  • Suitable for business and individuals
  • Highly affordable
  • Minimal effort required
  • Offsite data storage, replicated to multiple locations for redundancy backup
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Key features:

  • Full support for Microsoft Exchange, individual email, contacts, calendars, tasks etc.
  • Support for Mac, Lotus Notes/Domino agent for Linux
  • Disaster recovery ready
  • Backs up changes within a file since the last backup (incremental backup)
  • Full backup available according to each user’s preference
  • Allows integration with “Open File Manager” to support backing up opened files*
  • Customizable data backup schedule
  • Comprehensive backup reports list all files backed up. Backup reports delivered automatically via email
  • Periodic backup files validation on backup server ensures backup files are 100% valid and fully restorable when needed

    * Special conditions apply.
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business it support services basic package


  • 128-bit encrypted point-to-point SSL communication between server and client. Backup data is CRC validated before it is stored on the server
  • Data is 128-bit encrypted at our remote backup servers
  • Supports HTTP/HTTPS Proxy and Socks v4/v5 firewall
  • Choice of different encryption algorithms and modes
  • Automatically generates a random initializing vector, salt and iteration count for each file when encrypting your data
  • Each user can restrict online access with pre-defined list of IP addresses
  • No one can see/retrieve/access data without obtaining decryption key from data's owner, not even Konicom employees
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