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Konicom remote backup data value Remote Data Backup Features

User Advantages -- Easy to use and manage
Remote Data Backup that’s Easy to Use

Our remote data backup services are very easy to implement and use. Secure data backup with Konicom requires no technical expertise. First, an expert from our Sacramento offsite data backup center installs remote backup client software on your system. There is no charge for the setup or software. Once your offsite backup is up and running and connected to our remote backup center, your data will be automatically uploaded and stored offsite on a daily basis.

User friendly interface

The secure backup software is very easy to understand and use. Remote backup and file retrieval can be accomplished with just a few clicks from you or your designated staff. Our remote data backup is designed to be efficient and uncomplicated for the user.

Secure Remote Backup with Multiple Level Protection

Before your files are uploaded to our remote data backup center, your data is encrypted and compressed. To provide yet another layer of security, your data is replicated and synchronized, and sent in real-time to our offsite backup replication servers. This ensures that, in the event of a natural or manmade disaster, you will experience no data loss. With secure remote backup at another physical location, your business continuity is assured. This kind of replication and server backup is the same strategy used by governments and businesses worldwide.

Uninterrupted Online Backup Even with File Opened

With Konicom’s secure remote backup you decide your backup schedule. It’s not necessary to close files or interrupt the work flow. Our data backup software saves both closed and open files. Your staff can be working on emails or documents while their data is being saved on our secure offsite backup servers. Our powerful software even makes saving large files more efficient with an In-File Delta feature that uploads only modified files within a block of data.

New Feature: Continuous Data Protection for files

This is an ideal feature for businesses that have frequent changes to their critical data. With Continuous Data Protection, whenever a file is saved, the changes made in the file will be replicated to our Offsite Backup Server. Thus the backup data is constantly synchronized with the live data. With our In-File Delta incremental / differential backup technology, the backup job can now be scheduled to run every minute or second if desired. It is extremely useful to those customers who prefer to do backup frequently, e.g. financial institutions, design and architectural firms, etc.

Restore Made Easy from Anywhere at Anytime

Konicom’s secure remote backup system doesn’t care where you are when you need to restore files. You have access to your data any time and from any location you choose. In addition, you can even restore past versions of a file. You decide your retention policy, and our offsite backup software allows you to reach back in time for a snapshot of a data set.

Remote Backup Software Maintenance and Updates

With our remote data backup software you’ll never have to worry about periodic but necessary tasks such as removing log files that are no longer relevant, verifying data integrity or revising user information. Housekeeping tasks such as these, along with removing inactive users and cleaning log files is built into our remote backup system at Konicom’s data center. We’ll also automatically upgrade new versions of our secure data backup software with our Auto Upgrade feature. Instead of spending time on maintenance, our effective remote data backup system frees you to focus on your core business.
Technical Advantages -- Robust

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Online Backup Supports Common Databases and All Platforms

Konicom’s secure offsite data backup is designed to support all major operating systems that run Java Runtime Environment 1.4.2. and above. In addition, our online backup software is compatible with most commonly used databases such as:
  • Microsoft Exchange Server
  • (New Feature) Individual Mailboxes within Microsoft Exchange Server
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Oracle
  • MySQL
  • Mac
  • Lotus Domino/Notes
  • Outlook and Outlook Express (i.e.:.pst, .dbx and .wab)
  • Windows System State
  • Important personal settings, e.g. Desktop, Favorites, My Documents, etc.
  • Other common filetypes (.doc, .xls, etc.)
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Disaster Recovery Ready

Secure offsite backup stores copies of your important files and data so that they are available to you in the event of a hard drive crash or other data loss. Using Konicom's secure remote backup service your data is copied, compressed, protected with 128-bit encryption and uploaded through a Secure Socket Layer to our secure offsite backup server. Should you need copies of this data, it’s 100% restorable in its original format with just a few clicks. Konicom takes this protection one step further by replicating your data on other secure remote backup servers, effectively doubling your security.

(New Feature) Continuous Data Protection

We implement remote backup software with advanced continuous data protection (CDP) technology which captures every version of the data a file that has been saved to your hard drive. With CDP, even if your hard drive crashes completely after you have worked for a full day without invoking backup manually yourself, the saved copy of your working files will still be intact on the backup server. It provides a highly dependable means of real-time, continuous data protection for servers, desktops, and laptops effortlessly and transparently, without any human intervention.
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Detailed Secure Backup Functions

  • Before being stored on our secure offsite server, backup data is CRC validated
  • Your data is automatically compressed and securely encrypted. It is then sent to the server where the encrypted data is securely stored
  • Using In-File Delta technology, only changes within a file are stored for data backup
  • Client may select to perform local copy backup and bypass the offsite data backup. With incremental data backups, only new or updated files are sent to the backup server
  • Clients may use our data backup filter to select distinct source backup files such as *.doc and *.xls files
  • Full or incremental backup of all files is automatic according to a weekly or monthly schedule
  • Clients automatically receive scheduled emails with a complete data backup report itemizing all backed up files
  • As part of Konicom’s customizable user data retention strategy, authorized users have access to files that have been deleted locally at client site but stored in our remote backup data center
  • Linux access privileges and modes, Windows NTFS access privileges, Mac OS X metadata and resource forks are supported with online backup
  • Konicom’s data backup server periodically validates backup files to ascertain they are valid and completely restorable when required
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Back Up Individual E-mails in Microsoft Exchange Server

Our remote data backup software lets businesses of any size backup all the communication information in their Microsoft Exchange Server. Emails, calendars, contact lists, notes and more are safe from a hard drive crash or other disaster with the Microsoft Exchange Backup Module that’s built in to our secure data center. This feature applies to individual emails throughout your organization so that you’ll never be faced with emergency data recovery costs or data loss.

Back Up Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express

Businesses and individuals commonly use either Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express. Today, these email readers are being used for much more than email and calendar functions; people are leveraging the power of these programs to efficiently store large amounts of data. Consequently, the value of data stored is equally important as the communications captured in the system. Konicom’s secure data backup allows users to easily backup data saved on these popular email readers. With Konicom’s Online Backup Manager and A-Click Backup, all it takes is checking a box on the screen for users to implement data and email backup. Even large amounts of data (up to 20 GB) with different file extensions, are quickly stored for backup with our In-File Delta Technology.

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